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25 Attractive Birthday Quotes

Birthday is a special day, a momentous occasion that comes once in a year on which a person was born and is celebrated as anniversary of his/her birth with gifts and party. It is the beginning of Life. This day memorizes a major event, to celebrate,to thank for blessings of GOD, to enjoy the life with new

25 Top Level Love Quotes for Her

God has so many blessings in our life and among all, the most important is love. Love is a positive emotion or feeling of  strong affection for other person. It is unconditional, have no boundaries and limits because if we love someone we can not stop ourselves from loving them in-spite of  what they do or not.We

25 Marvellous Friendship Quotes

A friend is one of the most precious gift of your life which you give to yourself. Friendship is a relation of affection between two people. It is a feeling of love, caring and sharing.You can easily share every thing and most important moments of your life with your friends. Life becomes more exciting and

20+ Heart Melting Sad Quotes

Sad quotes motivates us to raise up when we feel sad and down. Sadness is an expression of sorrow or unhappiness. It is an emotional pain that is felt in heart and it  causes gloom and grief.It is characterized by feelings of lost, depression or  helplessness. We all sometimes feel sad. We become sad when we

20+ Amazing Tumblr Quotes

Tumblr is one of the most famous social networking sites that contain attractive stuff for users especially for youngsters. It contains services such as dash board interface where posting multimedia and other contents like making blogs are possible. You can visit other user’s blog and find attractive things and information related to technology, entertainment, fun

20+ Superb Collection of Happiness Quotes

Happiness is an emotional state that describes the experience of pleasure, joy, positive attitude and satisfaction from life that it’s going good. It indicates the absence of sorrows. Happiness is an inner quality and it expresses itself just by a smile which is a small magical act that spreads happiness everywhere. It is a peaceful